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How to repair foundation cracks?

In all circumstances, having a solid foundation ensures that our house can withstand the construction weights and provides stability. So when a crack appears, the cause should be found and corrected as soon as possible.

Created by frost and thaw, ground movement, water infiltration, defective or clogged drain, etc., cracks present weak points in the foundation that could cause much greater damage if they are not repaired in the short term.

To avoid such contingencies as the destabilization of the house structure, rotting walls and floors, the development of moisture and mould, or even the appearance of respiratory diseases, you should repair foundation cracks as soon as possible.

Foundation Cracks analysis

First of all, you must know that the repair methods will vary depending on the type of crack affecting your foundation. That’s why it’s essential to call on an expert like Rockethammer to analyze the problem and provide you with the best recommendations.

We’ll first check whether it is an active crack – a crack that weakens the structure and continues to grow – or a passive crack – a less dangerous crack that is not likely to get worse over time.

Another element that helps determine the severity of the crack is its trajectory. The more horizontal or diagonal a crack is, the greater the risk to the foundation. Therefore, as the case may be, foundation crack repair will have to be done from inside or outside the house, which will have an impact on the type of work and relative costs.

Taking into account your particular situation and budget, Rockethammer’s qualified professionals will determine the best repair technique for your foundation. Before proceeding, our experts will evaluate whether the crack is minimal and can be repaired from the inside, or whether it is better to repair it from the outside, if the damage is greater and the crack active.

This second option will obviously be more expensive because of the excavation work. In any case, the repair of foundation cracks can be done all year round, so you have no reason to postpone this repair…

Crack sealing products

The products used to repair foundation cracks will also vary depending on the severity of the fault/crack. The repair can be done by injections of epoxy, to strengthen the concrete, or polyurethane, which preserves the concrete’s natural movement. Epoxy is similar to glue and is used to seal cracks, while polyurethane is a strong sealant with high flexibility.

It expands upon application to repair wet cracks. Both materials are known to effectively seal cracks and reduce foundation damage. To optimize the protection of your foundation, we recommend covering it with a waterproofing membrane once the cracks have been repaired.

In short, it is realistic to assume that the cost of repairing foundation cracks will be less than the cost of correcting the damage to your home caused by cracks. You will benefit from the structural stability of your home, a watertight barrier against water infiltration, the elimination of moisture and mould, but above all, peace of mind that is certainly priceless!

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